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High Compression Abdominal waistband-CHALECO Cinturilla 09173

 This abdominal waistband -  Chaleco cinturilla It is ideal for woman allergy latex, since it is made with Lycra of the highest quality, which contains botanical and marine components [Viveltex protec], for the care of your skin. It will prevent you from burning or getting red skin or allergies.


  • Recommended to use while you work, it helps you maintain a correct posture of your spine.
  • Reduces lumbar pain.
  • If you do exercise, it is excellent, since it helps you maintain a good posture when lifting weight, so as not to suffer muscle injuries.
  • This high compression waistband, reduces you up to 2.5 sizes instantly.
  • Depending on the silhouette and color, this garment is suitable for under and outer use wear.
  • Our fabrics are designed with a technology called VivelTex, it has a combination of botanical and marine components for your skin care.  You will recognize VivelTex, by its characteristic smell which can very well last up to its 20th wash.
  • According to the silhouette; this garment exerts compression on the body, defining curves and shaping the waist and back.
  • This garment is technologically designated to mold while maintaining comfort and convenience.

Adjustment system

It's the adjustment system with which the girdle adapts to your body.

Buckle: As measurements are lost, perfect fit is achieved.  Ideal for post-surgical in surgeries without horizontal incision, postpartum in natural childbirth daily or aesthetic use. 


Please check size & style tab on menu to select your correct size.

Once you know your body measurements, consult the Size Chart to determine which size you should purchase. If you are not sure or you are in between sizes please send us a message write your measurements, waist size and hips size and we will tell you the correct size for you.


 Holiday Shipping: On holidays (November 1 to January 15) the delivery time may take longer, between 8 to 10 business days, due to the high number of shipments that the postal service handles at this time of year.