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Colombian Jeans Benefits

Colombian Jeans Benefits

With Colombian made jeans, also known as Levanta Cola jeans, you will notice a sleek contouring effect on the hips, thighs and waistline. The remarkable booty up jeans are designed with additional features that are not found in your regular jean, resulting in an improved body shape and enhanced appearance.

Our signature jeans are for everyone, regardless of your body shape or age. The body sculpting properties will lift and streamline your curves. We believe you will be converted to this amazing new product and you certainly won't revert back to your old jeans once you discover the life changing benefits.

Colombian jeans are sought by Hollywood celebrities around the world looking to have the desired stage appearance.

 These butt-shaping jeans, unlike body-shaping clothing, do not squeeze your stomach or feel weird to move in at first, though many do provide additional belly control. They're made for fashion and aesthetics, providing comfort and beauty in equal measure.

The most iconic features are:

-They are constructed with additional curved seams, strategic pocket placement, and a waistband providing abdominal control.

-They are pinched in one, two, or three places above the back pockets or under the waistband to shape the excess cloth.

-The hips, thighs, and waistline will have a smooth sculpting effect.

-The part of the butt is designed in heart shape, giving your booty a shape you never knew you had!

They do this by utilizing a material with higher elasticity (which is also more comfortable than denim), special stitching to enhance shape, and "darts" to give the butt and waistline a more curving shape.


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History of Colombian Jeans and International Fashion

History of Colombian Jeans and International Fashion


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